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Auction Website Script

What is auctionsoftwarepro - Auction Website Script?

Desctiption auction website script

Fully Functional php Auction Website Script PHP WEBSITE SCRIPTS! FULL RE-SELL RIGHTS! RESELL FOR A PROFIT! This is a great chance for someone wishing to enter the dotcom revolution by selling readymade websites. We usually sell these scripts for a lot more, but we want to allow fellow entrepreneurs on eBay to share in our success. Similar scripts sell for 20 30+ EACH . But dont pay silly prices! Get them all here for a bargain price! The scripts come with Full Re-Sell Rights, so you can make a fortune by either splitting them all up and selling them separately on eBay or simply resell this Megapack. All scripts come with full installation instructions, so you could even use them yourself! Installation of this script requires adequate script installation knowledge. We offer no installation support and this script is a digitally downloadable product and is sold as is with no warranty or tech support from us. Server Requirements: If you want to use them yourself, your web server must have support for PHP. IMPORTANT You have brought this website from a RESELLER and NOT the author of this script. Therefore, this reseller offers NO help and support for this product. Installation of this site may be more difficult for beginners as it requires setting of cron jobs. If you do not know what a cron job is and how to set one, instructions for how to set a cron in Cpanel are below or you can look for help at.

Auction Website Script - How does it work?

Once you create an account you will be provided with your own weblink, e.g. You will also have access to an administration page which allows you to build and control the content on your weblink.
After you setup your auction items via the administration page, you will then be able to email your personalised weblink to charity members, colleagues, members, friends and family who can then compete in the auction bidding to help maximise your revenue.
auction website script

Auction Website Script - You are in control

Having created your account you will be provided with a login and password which gives you access to an admin page which allows you to:
Describe why you are holding an online auction

Auction Website Script - Upload your own logo or picture

Add your auction items e.g. item descriptions, item values, pictures, end dates etc.
Control the starting bid and bidding increments
Determine if you want to extend the auction period in case of late bidding
View a history of the bidding, including your bidder's contact details

Auction Website Script - Easy to use

You will get more people involved in your auction because potential bidders DO NOT have to create an account and login to bid. You simply email your potential bidders your personalised weblink and they can start bidding immediately!

Auction Website Script - Automatic emails

A confirmation email is automatically sent to anyone who makes a successful bid. Emails are also automatically sent to anyone who is outbid. This creates more bidding! You decide if you want to send an automatic email to remind active bidders that the auction is about to end. You choose if you want to send an automatic email to auction winners to congratulate them and tell them what happens next. You control the content of these emails!

Auction Website Script - At the end of the auction

At the end of the auction period, which can be different for each auction item, you have the flexibility to contact winning bidders to arrange direct payment. Alternatively, the winning bidder's details can be transferred to a subsequent live/silent auction, if one is planned.

Auction Website Script - Cost?

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