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Auction website script – Start an Online marketplace like eBay

Auction website script – Start an Online marketplace like eBay

eBay is a celebrated American multinational ecommerce company headquartered in SanJose, California. eBay is held in high esteem for its consumer to consumer sales which in the ecommerce lexicon are C2C sales, and business to consumer sales which in ecommerce lexicon are B2C sales. Arguably, eBay sales are via internet. Most of the discerning ecommerce connoisseurs and savants vouch for the beauty and efficacy of eBay’s marketplace. If you are looking to setup an online auction website which has a stronger gift of gab and customer reach, here is a detailed account on the list of features to be included and must have ‘modules.’  Before that, familiarize yourself with the definition of auction script.
Understanding auction website software
Auction is the concept of selling goods and services (or products) to the most offering consumer who places his/her maximum bid. Bids are nothing but simple and small incremental amounts which are added to the current selling price of a product(s). The consumer who places the maximum bid in this process well before the timer reaches zero is declared the owner of the product(s). Auction websites are managed and maintained from back-end by a person called ‘auction administrator.’ Auction administrators ensure a seamless experience to all the users who are in the process of an ongoing auction. Auction website scripts are written in PHP. It is noteworthy to mention that eBay’s feature-rich auction website is also written in PHP. An auction website script should perform the following functions:
  • Generate auctions instantly.
  • Showcase auction members and their placed bids
  • Resolve any unforeseen issues
  • Record the entire auction process
Variety is the spice of life. Adding variety to auctions will look like a million dollars. To add variety to your ecommerce business, Admire from Ecommercemix allows you to develop and configure auction website scripts that support:
  • Regular penny auction: It is also called a bidding fee auction. As the title implies, all the participants are charged a modest non-refundable fee to place their bids.
  • Seat penny auction: This is a type of all pay auction in which participants have to pay a nominal one-time non-refundable fee to participate in an auction. Participants do not have to shed a few extra bucks to place their bids. 
  • Dutch auction: This is a type of auction in which the price of an item is reduced until a buyer is found. Prices are quoted every now and then till a potential buyer is found.
  • Reverse Penny auction: This is a type of auction which starts with highest price. Whenever a bid is placed, the price of the product being auctioned is decreased. This continues until a threshold is reached beyond which the price is never decreased. This type of auction closely resembles Dutch auction. However, in a reverse penny auction, there is a lower threshold. In a Dutch auction, there isn’t any such lower threshold.
penny auction script
  • Beginner auction: This is a type of auction in which only new comers can bid. What I mean by the term ‘new comer’ is that customers who haven’t won any bids so far only are allowed to participate in ‘Beginner auctions.’ Beginner auctions shall be held for each and every category of the available products. Users have to check the ‘Beginners Only Auction’ checkbox while choosing the type of auction. In addition, registered users have to furnish their details such as Name, email-id, permanent address etc.
  • Peak auction: As the name alludes, this type of auction is available only at peak times. More often than not, peak auctions are run during peak times.
  • Free bid auction: In this type of auction, each and every registered user is assigned an upper limit on the number of bids. In the user’s view, the number of times bids have been placed by the user are displayed. This allows users to stay argus-eyed. 
Features that make your auction website script absolutely marvelous
Features can be categorized into the following segments:
  • Admin Panel features
  • User Panel features
   An account on Admin Panel features
  1. Auction Management: This feature allows admin(s) to manage the ongoing auctions or scheduled auctions. The admin has the complete rights to add a new auction, suspend an ongoing auction, edit the ongoing auction, re-schedule the scheduled auctions, resume the temporarily suspended auctions and close the auction (s). 
  2. Bid Management: This feature allows the admin(s) of the auction website script to define the minimum bid amount. Whenever bids are incremented by customers, admin stores the pitched amounts and keeps track of the timer. As soon as the timer expires, the customer who has placed the maximum bid offering is adjudged the owner of the product(s). 
  3. Addition of new administrators: More than one auction can take place at a time. In such a scenario, a single administrator cannot keep track of the ongoing auctions. So, a new administrator or a panel of administrators can be added. All the administrators enjoy equal privileges such as adding a new auction, editing an ongoing auction, suspending and resuming auctions, etc.
  4. Layout management: Layouts are so basic an impulsion that one cannot keep customers clung to their seats without layouts. Admins can choose a layout from the available list of thousands of layouts. In addition, admins can add their own layouts and customize them accordingly. Site aesthetics is always given a window of thought.
  5. Bug free and Secured auction website script: Administrators can ban hackers and spammers who disguise themselves as genuine clients. Any odious tactic from a spammer may cast a gloom on the ongoing auctions. This feature allows administrators to ban IP addresses of dubious clients thereby precluding malicious attacks.
  6. Newsletter subscription: Users who wish to subscribe to your newsletters can furnish their email addresses. Admin(s) should do the needful.
  7. Customer support: Round-the-clock customer support should be provided to the clients. Uninterrupted bidding will bring smiles of satisfaction on your customers. FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) page should be furnished. Community forum page should be maintained to address some basic issues. Life-time customer support to all the purchased products will surely win customers’ loyalty. 
  8. Walk-through: A detailed documentation on how the auction website functions, how an auction runs, and flow of the auction website should be offered to the customers. 
  9. 100 % Source code: Administrators will be given the complete code. They can make changes to their source code and customize it accordingly. This is a cost effective open source development package where one no longer requires a dedicated technical team to make changes. Invest costs can be saved and channelized for other endeavors.
ebay auction website script
 An account on User Panel features
  1. Customer registration: This feature allows all the users to register through a user-friendly registration page. A confirmation mail is sent to all the registered users. Users can set their passwords and choose the type of auction in which they desire to participate. They can opt for either regular penny auction, seat penny auction or Dutch auction. Registered users can utilize all the features of the website.
  2. Bidding process management: Users participating in an ongoing auction can acquaint themselves with the following:
  • Current bids
  • Items won
  • Viewed items
  • Favorite items
  • Favorite stores
  • Invoices received
  • Invoices acknowledged
  1. Communication: To facilitate communication among the members involved in an ongoing auction, a messaging system is incorporated into the script.
  2. Selling activities: Sellers can manage their selling activities and track them periodically. In addition, sellers get to know about their reputation. Reviews are solicited from customers and sellers can work on their repertoire of skills to improve their rapport with customers and take the business to the next best level.
  3. About Me: Users can have a dedicated About Me section. Sellers can describe about their work ethic, passion for the selling and zeal for business in a couple of sentences. They can mention about their interests too. 
  4. Responsive design: Users can set their own layout for their dedicated space. Users can view the auctions and bidding on smart phones and tablets. 
  5. Product Manuals: Customers’ understanding of each and every product is important. So, live demos, manuals in the form of HTML and PDF documents are furnished in the auction website script. Both user end demos and admin end demos are embedded in the auction website script.
The aforementioned lists are the primary features without which your auction website script resembles a substandard and an insignificant auction website. Here is a list of all features that complement the primary features:
  1. Photo gallery: Each product can have a dedicated photo gallery. Innumerable photos can be uploaded.
  2. Ad publishing script: This feature allows admins to sell ad space. By leveraging the features of an effective ad publishing space, banner ads can be posted and maintained.
  3. All-in-one script: All-in-one script feature supports all types of auctions such as Dutch auctions, regular penny auctions, seat penny auctions etc. Classifieds and PayPal items are also supported.
  4. WYSIWYG editor: WYSIWYG signifies What You See Is What You Get editor. Reviews and opinions on purchased products can be written on the WYSIWYG editor. Also, users can post their opinions on auction management system. Technical knowledge is not necessary to utilize WYSIWYG editor.
  5. Seller/Buyer rating system: Both sellers and buyers maintain their profiles and review one another’s. This benefits honest sellers.
  6. Seller stores: Complete information about each and every seller, reviews on their products and ratings on their services are maintained.
  7. Official Add-ons: Some of the official add-ons supported by Admire are:
  • Pick-up locations: You can define pick-up locations from where buyers can pick-up their purchases. Distance is always calculated from a particular selected location.
  • Virtual Gateway: This aids buyers in making payments to sellers from their own website account balance.
  • Payment Gateways: Apart from the popular payment gateways, here is a list of payment gateways supported:
  1. Mollie Payment Gateway: This caters to the requirements of Dutch and Belgian customers.
  2. Stripe Payment Gateway: Credit cards of all major financial institutions are accepted and hence, a seamless payment is always on the cards.
  3. PayPal Parallel Payment Gateway: This allows you to collect all sales transaction fees automatically for items purchased through PayPal.
  4. Escrow Payment Facilitator: This official add-on allows you to host escrow transactions for all your users on your website.
php auction script payment gateway
  • Bank Transfers: This feature allows you to accept bank transfers for site fees and payment fees on the purchased items.
  • Multi-lingual module: This module uses Google Translate API. It uses cutting edge translator API built within the platform.  Users can select the language in which they wish to view the auctions. Check out the multiple language plugin for a complete understanding.
  • Geo-based Multi-Currency Selector: Registered users can make payments in their preferred currency. Currency Selector add on is integrated with maintains a complete and an updated list of currencies. For more information on this official add-on, check out our Multiple currency converter
  • Login Options: Various social media login options such as Google+ login, Facebook login etc. are provided. Users can choose the preferred social media platform login option and participate in the auctions. 
  • Product discounts: As a seller, you can create a few rules. The rules when applied by customers generate coupons which can be redeemed. This is applicable to all categories of products and all types of auctions.
  • Product bundles: This feature allows you to bundle all the related items together. Discounts can be given on product bundles.
  • Classifieds listing: By leveraging the features of this official add-on, you are entitled to classifieds listing. 
  1. SEO and Web analyzer: This analyzer performs the following features:
  • Optimized URLs
  • Google analytics support
  • Social Media Integration
  1. Technology frameworks: HTML 5, CSS 3 and Twitter Bootstrap technologies have been used to develop the front end. Back-end uses both SQL and NoSQL databases. 
  2. AdSense revenue system: Admire is designed and configured to support each and every major AdSense revenue system.

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Auction Website Script

What is auctionsoftwarepro - Auction Website Script?

Desctiption auction website script

Fully Functional php Auction Website Script PHP WEBSITE SCRIPTS! FULL RE-SELL RIGHTS! RESELL FOR A PROFIT! This is a great chance for someone wishing to enter the dotcom revolution by selling readymade websites. We usually sell these scripts for a lot more, but we want to allow fellow entrepreneurs on eBay to share in our success. Similar scripts sell for 20 30+ EACH . But dont pay silly prices! Get them all here for a bargain price! The scripts come with Full Re-Sell Rights, so you can make a fortune by either splitting them all up and selling them separately on eBay or simply resell this Megapack. All scripts come with full installation instructions, so you could even use them yourself! Installation of this script requires adequate script installation knowledge. We offer no installation support and this script is a digitally downloadable product and is sold as is with no warranty or tech support from us. Server Requirements: If you want to use them yourself, your web server must have support for PHP. IMPORTANT You have brought this website from a RESELLER and NOT the author of this script. Therefore, this reseller offers NO help and support for this product. Installation of this site may be more difficult for beginners as it requires setting of cron jobs. If you do not know what a cron job is and how to set one, instructions for how to set a cron in Cpanel are below or you can look for help at.

Auction Website Script - How does it work?

Once you create an account you will be provided with your own weblink, e.g. You will also have access to an administration page which allows you to build and control the content on your weblink.
After you setup your auction items via the administration page, you will then be able to email your personalised weblink to charity members, colleagues, members, friends and family who can then compete in the auction bidding to help maximise your revenue.
auction website script

Auction Website Script - You are in control

Having created your account you will be provided with a login and password which gives you access to an admin page which allows you to:
Describe why you are holding an online auction

Auction Website Script - Upload your own logo or picture

Add your auction items e.g. item descriptions, item values, pictures, end dates etc.
Control the starting bid and bidding increments
Determine if you want to extend the auction period in case of late bidding
View a history of the bidding, including your bidder's contact details

Auction Website Script - Easy to use

You will get more people involved in your auction because potential bidders DO NOT have to create an account and login to bid. You simply email your potential bidders your personalised weblink and they can start bidding immediately!

Auction Website Script - Automatic emails

A confirmation email is automatically sent to anyone who makes a successful bid. Emails are also automatically sent to anyone who is outbid. This creates more bidding! You decide if you want to send an automatic email to remind active bidders that the auction is about to end. You choose if you want to send an automatic email to auction winners to congratulate them and tell them what happens next. You control the content of these emails!

Auction Website Script - At the end of the auction

At the end of the auction period, which can be different for each auction item, you have the flexibility to contact winning bidders to arrange direct payment. Alternatively, the winning bidder's details can be transferred to a subsequent live/silent auction, if one is planned.

Auction Website Script - Cost?

read more: